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Digital Forensics

Suitable technologies, methodologies, software and hardware that we provide at Grey Heron allows for supporting of data incident reports or assisting/furthering other investigations by:

  • Helping to reconstruct past events or activities (timelines)

  • Showing possession/handling of digital data

  • Showing use/abuse of IT infrastructure & services

  • Showing evidence of policy violation or illegal activity

Depending upon the nature of your case uncovering the truth means getting it right the first time. Although the extraction of digital evidence from devices is what we specialise in, we are also highly regarded forensically as an expert computer forensic investigation service with an unimpeachable reliable expert witness testimony.

The ACPO Good Practice Guide dictates the manner in which the forensic analysis of devices are to be conducted ensuring that new or altered data cannot be written to the source and the evidence remains as uncontaminated. Devices interrogated in such a manner permit cases to be developed in accordance with court evidential standards.

Our team of experienced computer forensics analysts adhere to only the highest standards of the ACPO guidelines and procedures during an examination.

Follow the link below for more information on the guidelines.

Good Practice Guide for Computer-Based Electronic Evidence

Click on any of the following bullet points to learn more about our services:
  • Computer Forensics
  • Grey Heron has developed techniques that allow for the recovery of data from most "damaged" hard drives and the vast majority of digital media storage. Even if light water damage has accrued this allows us to rebuild lost partitions, hidden partitions and even, in some cases, encrypted drives. We also offer complete data cleansing to full US Department of Defense standards, allowing you to recycle your company's old machine without fear of data leakage.

  • Network Forensics
  • Grey Heron specialise in gaining permitted entry to corporate computer equipment. This is done through various password cracking techniques. This can then lead to detailed reports of all local and network activity of equipment and its users, including detailed analysis. The whole process shows a definitive record of any computer and, or network misuse.

  • Malware Analyse
  • Malware or malicious software is used by attackers to interrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information or gain access to secured computer systems. It can appear in the form of code, scripts and active content. 'Malware' is a broad term used to refer to a range of forms of hostile or intrusive software. If this is left unattended the repercussions to your network and your company's reputation can be damaging. For that reason we react to such threats with immediate urgency and aim to resolve malware issues and research as to who might have caused any damage.