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Mobile Device Forensics

As more and more businesses and individuals turn to mobile devices (smart phones) it has become important to ensure that data is secure and safe. Grey Heron has developed techniques that allow engineers to gain access to smart phones and other mobile devices in much the same way as desktop computers and laptops.

Due to the proliferation of smartphone users becoming more and more reliant on their smartphones there has been an increase in dangerous activities, in particular, with regards to business-related information being leaked.

The majority of devices hold valuable electronic information like e-mails, sms's, calanderas, camera and video footage, GPS locations and can therefore be a good source of evidence.

The loss, or theft, of these devices can leave the door open for espionage and other related computer crimes. These devices are more frequently relied upon in corporate investigations, criminal and civil matters alike, due to the inexperience of users.How these devices actually work can be particularly useful in digital forensics in recreating the following:

  • Helping to reconstruct past events or activities (timelines)

  • Showing possession/handling of digital data

  • Showing use/abuse of IT infrastructure and services

  • Showing evidence of policy violation or illegal activity

Most users do not check all their notifications and fail to monitor their privacy settings, whilst most do not realise the concept that useful applications can include important information, which is released with permission for data mining purposes on to the web.

At Grey Heron we specialise in the process of mobile phone forensics. We follow the ACPO guidelines as industry approved on seizure, acquisition, examination as well as analysis of data from such devices. We have furthermore investigated the latest generation gadgets (from Kindles through to Satnav's) as well as other types of physical data extraction from these types of devices.

Good Practice Guide for Computer-Based Electronic Evidence

We have the preleased tools used by state-of-the-art institutes such as the NCA for acquisition and analysis and have been responsible for crime fighting with various prestigious agencies in the UK and overseas.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest software and hardware specifically designed for mobile phone forensic analysis and investigations.