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Penetration Testing & Security

Penetration Testing

All IT networks, whether Government, Corporate or Private, are liable to attack and remain vulnerable to exploitation at any time. It is vital that the network defences remain secure at all times in order to prevent the loss of critical soft assets or manipulation of the system for illicit purposes.
Networks can be attacked from beyond the perimeter or from within by personnel with a particular motive.  Networks can become vulnerable to attack because of lax, eroded or poorly designed and applied IT Security Policies & Procedures. In order to test network defences, or to respond to an attack, Network administrators should employ a series of penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities.
Grey Heron, as a provider of penetration testing services, only use highly qualified Team Leaders (holding an individual Tiger Scheme SST qualification) to conduct such testing.
N.B. The Tiger Scheme is used to establish the quality and integrity of penetration specialists. Individual Tiger Scheme qualified Network Penetration Specialists are approved to work on and assess Government and Public Sector network systems which handle protectively marked information.
Network Penetration Testing is defined as either being “Black Box” or “ 'White Box' the definition of those terms being:
  1. 'Black Box’ Penetration Testing: Whereby internal and external attempts are made to forcefully penetrate network systems and defences to identify entry points and vulnerabilities with no prior knowledge of the systems or infrastructure in place.
  2.  'White Box’ Penetration Testing: Whereby internal and external attempts are made to check on vulnerabilities and adherence to Policies & Procedures with the full assistance of the client.
If regular network health checks are not conducted, then systems can erode and bad practice can creep in. Grey Heron offers the following services to try and help stop this happening:

Security, Quality & Compliance Interventions

Network Policy & Procedures Services  

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